Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion Icon Friday #3 - Mary-Kate Olsen

Sorry for writing this post on a Saturday but I got home v.late last night and had no energy left to write a lovely post on the beautiful amazing, queen of boho... MARY-KATE OLSEN!
I've loved the Olsen since Two of a Kind, which I watched religiously every Saturday mornings at the age of 6/7. /However, it was Mary-Kate that struck out to be more of a fashion Icon to me personally.
So here's some interesting facts about her, that I personally find very interesting!
Birth: 13/06/86, Sherman Oaks, California, United States.
Relationships: 2003-2004, David Katzenburg. 2005-2006, Starvros Niarchos III. 2006-2007, Maxwell Snow. 2008-present, Nate Lowman.
As Twins:
-TV Career: 1987-1995, Mary-Kate and Ashley stared in Full House as one character and played the same role. They took turns due to strict child labour laws regarding child actors. 1998-1999, both girls going by there own name and as twins, acted in a television show called Two of a Kind. 2001-2002, the girls voices were used an animated series called Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! Also, in an American sitcom called So Little Time they played characters Riley and Chloe Carlson.

-Video Series: 1994-1197, musical mystery The adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley and 1995-2000 musical series You're invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's...

1995 movie It Takes Two, 2004 comedy teen movie New York Minute
TV: 1992-1999, To Grandmother's House we go, Double Double, Toil and Trouble, How the West was Fun, Switching Goals,
Direct-to-video: 1999-2003, Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, Our Lips are Sealed, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun, Getting There, When in Rome, The Challenge.

Joint CEO of DualStar Entertainment Group, built around the image of the Olsen Twins. Producing teen related products and producing the Olsen's many films.

-Clothing line in Wal-Mart, girls aged 4-14
-Couture Fashion Label: The Row and started a new line called: Elizabeth and James after their siblings.
-Beauty Line: Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls
-Criticised by PETA for their use of fur in their fashion line and also as their personal fashion style

Mary-Kate alone:

Film: A small scene/guest in the DVD in 2006's Factory Girl. A role in 2008's The Wackness, a role as a witch in the upcoming book made film, Beastly
TV: recurring role in 2007's Weeds, 2008, one episode on 2008's Samantha Who?

Fashion: New york Times declaring Mary-Kate as a Fashion Icon for pioneering her signature ''homeless look.''

Health Issues: 2004, checked into rehab for her eating disorder anorexia nervosa. Also rumoured to have a drug problem.

-Was linked with Heath Ledger and caught in the media-hype surrounding his death.

-Is a coxswain at Los Angeles Rowing Club

So here's how to get the ' ashcan, boho-chic, grunge' look:

Wardrobe Essentails:
Loose Sweaters
Over sized Checked Shirts
Big Winter Coats
Loose Silk Blouses
Slouchy grey Tees
Faux-fur Jackets
Black Blazers
Leather Jackets
Black Tight Skinny Jeans
Flared Blue Jeans
High-Waisted Trousers
Denim Short Shorts
Black Leggings
Long Lace Dresses
Short Vintage Dresses
Maxi Dresses
Flowing Skirts
Really High Wedges or Boots
Large Bags
Chanel Handbags
Flowing Big Scarves
Over sized Sunglasses
Lots of Chained Necklaces
Numerous Finger-Rings
John Lennon Sunglasses
Hippie Headbands across the head
Beanie Hats

Hair- Very long layered, center-parted with highlights ranging from light blond to dark brown for added texture to hair. Natural loose curls created by styling products and scrunching. Hair styles such as, loose French plates, messy up dos and small simple braids.

Makeup- day: illuminating, orange-toned, foundation, black eyeliner and nude lips. Night: pale, white foundation, smokey eyes, red lipstick.


till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer Days :)

So the last few days have been WELL sunny, like 26 degrees i think (and for England that is a big deal). So I thought I should dedicate a post on the sun.

Tuesdays are half days at college for me, so I decided to go see a friend, who I've not seen since their birthday party, before exams had started. We walked around town, got a pack of ice lollies and sat in a lovely park (a popular hot-spot for students). It was lovely and we just layed their and absorbed the lovely rays of the sun.

Anyway, this was my outfit (sorry for the dirty mirror)...

Americana Top- X Boutique, my uncle's shop in Mumbai - At the moment I'm obsessed with anything America. I'm not a big fan of football, so I'm only watching the England matches as my family and friends are making me. And so, for that reason I'm getting very fed up with England flags EVERYWHERE. I know that sounds awful, you know being unpatriotic and all, but I can't help it, it's not like our team is amazing, so why go on and on and on it. So as a result, I wore an America flag top as a childish rebellion against my country, hahaha! Sorry about the pathetic rant. :(
Chambray Denim Shirt - Carboot - Yeah I'm currently in lurve with the shirt as you may have seen in my other last post :)
Shiny Leggings - New Look
Sandals - Primark
Sunglasses - Market - also in lurve with. They are one of a kind!

On Wednesday, our college had General Studies exam for the year above so all of the Year 12s had a day off! So I layed on my sun lounger in my garden during the day, getting myself a bronze tan (sad to see no one cares about skin cancer these days), reading L.A. Candy a novel by Lauren Conrad (a reality star from a hit American show called The Hills, I'm ashamed if you don't know who she is).

Then I went indoors to watch England vs. Slovenia (oh and no one forced me this time, hypocrite much, ha). I only watched the first half and England played really well. Defoe scored and England won!!!

Then I went to the cinemas to watch Raavan, a bollywood movie with the mother. It was okay I guess, nothing too special. Oh btw, I'm doing alot of Indian based things to connect with my culture and learn new things :).

This is what I wore...
Floral Dress - Primark
Black Belt - Primark
Pink Cardigan (in the first photo) - My Mother's

This weekend we are having a barbecue with my dad's side of the family, so look out for another post next week, full of photos and interesting (in my opinion) happenings.

Also, are you excited for tomorrows 'Fashion Icon Friday' post?

Feel free to leave comments :)

Till next time, xoxo

Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Heyyyyaaaaaa Beautiful People!!!!
So it was Father's Day here in England yesterday, so my family and I went for lunch at this lovely Indian restaurant in Leicester. We went there because we were dropping my sister off to university for 'outroweek' (a week of funfunfun for medics), I wish I was with her now. :(
This is a my father and I. Apparently he looks as though he's about to punch the cameraman (my sister), and I look like a shy hunchback girl, ahahahaha.

Sorry, I didn't take a full proper picture of me on my own but this is what I wore anyway.
Chambray Denim Shirt - Car boot, 50p
Skirt - Handmade by Me
Opaque Tights - Primark, £2
Military Tie-up Boots -Can't Remember :( , £20
Satchel - My Mother's
Sunglasses - Market, £2

This is a close up of me with a FAT cake!
Nail Paint -Barry M (mint green)
Foundation - Image DV8 (whipped bronzing mousse)
Mascara - Rimmel London(the max volume flash)
This is my mother and sister. They look soooo alike, that I always seem to question if I'm maybe adopted (ha!).

So yeah, that was my Sunday. Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and Father's Day. And also, those of you living in England...enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

And I hope you're all looking forward to this weeks 'Fashion Icon Friday' as much as I am!

Till next time, xoxo

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fashion Icon Friday #2 - Olivia Palermo

So the second beautifully dressed celeb to star in 'Fashion Icon Friday is...(drum roll please)....
Olivia Palermo!
I have been watching toooooooooo much 'The City' lately and thought it was time I did an article on her. Although she is a mean girl and someone I'd never even imagine being friends with however, you've gotta admit she has AWESOME style.

So here's some facts about her, that I personally find very interesting!

Birth: 28/02/86, Greenwich, Connecticut, United States.

Relationships: Dated Brad Leinhardt, but now dating model Johannes Huebl.

Education: University in Paris for a year, and studied media in The New School in New York. Interned at Quest.

Controversy: Accused of sending out a letter to fellow socialites pleading for acceptance, published it, she denied writing the letter and filed a lawsuit against the website. The website was closed down in 2007 and she appeared on the cover of 'New York Magazine' regarding the incident.

TV career: Cast member of The City along side Whitney Port.

Modelling: Photographer Patrick McMullan spotted her at an auction, in 2009 was signed by Wilhelmina Models, became a spokes-model for 'Matches Fashion's Freda Label' ahead of 'London Fashion Week.'

Fashion Icon: April 2010 - stars in 'Today I am wearing' in 'Vogue Website' along with other fashion icons such as Alexa Chung.

Career: Publicist for Diane Von Furstenburg, co-handled accessories department at Elle Magazine and now the face of

Socialite: Designed a jewelry line, taken part in many charity events in New York.

So here's how to get the 'sophisticated, tailored with a masculine edge' look.

Wardrobe Essentials:

Blazers are a MUST for this look- Chanel is also good.

Layers (with vests and jackets)


Ripped Jeans

Black Skinny Jeans/Leggings


Tailored Shorts, Trousers, Skirts

Long, Draped Skirts

Patterned Jumpers

Breton Tops

Feathered or Wild-Patterned Cardigans/Jackets

Short Summer Dresses

Long, Elegant Gowns

Birkin Bags


Heels of any sort are VITAL!

Ray-ban Wayfarers

Statement rings or necklaces

Silk Bow-ties

Waist belts


Masculine Watches

Hair - long, center-parted hair. It was more honey, highlighted blonde before but now it's a warmer almost reddish hue. It can be in various different styles, angel drop curls, sleek and straight or a tight up do (see above).

Makeup (natural) - illuminating foundation, pinkish blusher, black eyeliner on top, black mascara/fake eyelashes, clear lip gloss.


till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 17 June 2010

babyyy, ima do you a carboot haul.

Heyaaaaa guys!
College started on Tuesday, so I've been a very busy gal lately. But however, I did go to a car booty last Sunday and I'd like to show you what I got. Hope y'all like the gorgeous buys as much as i do.

The sunglasses are £2. They are in my opinion, knock-off raybans with a leopard-printed frame on the top. They may seem a big price for a car boot sale, but it was love at first site. I wanted them straight away after I saw them. They are vintage, however they came in a transparent packet so it has not been used (so it's not second-hand). They look big for my face but that's what I love about them.

This ring cost me a mere 50p. It is sooo cute and elegant. It can also go with any outfit, from smart to causal. It fits in my first and middle finger and can look great on it's own as a statement ring or coupled with loads of different shaped and patterned ones on every finger.

The chain necklace was 40p. Yes, you heard me only 40p!!! I love it soooo much. I want wear it everyday as it adds more glamour to a boring outfit. Even though I love a unique piece and get very annoyed when somebody else has the same clothing/jewellery/shoes as me, I was pretty pleased to see this necklace around a lot of girls' necks at college. Apparently it's from Topshop, with a price tag of £10! :O

This little gem was snatched for only 50p. I love how delicate it is and the simplicity of it.

50p, is what i paid for this bag. I don't know why the picture on the left has come out so small but it's not that small i guarantee. The bag has two sections and fits 2 A5 notepads for first days at college or to use it as a bag for a Saturday trip to the high street. I love the colour (which is actually supposed to be cream, not white as the photo suggests,*rolls eyes*) and the length of the straps is perfect too :).

20p!!!! This bag was soooooooo cheap! yeahyeahyeah! It has LOTS of compartments for money, keys, notebooks and even a side one to store an umbrella (which is vital if you live in England). I added a broach which is vintage from my mother. It can still look lovely on it's own and, as it's white it pretty much goes with any outfit, be it a floral dress or black jeans and a rock band tee.

You may think this does not fit with the theme of the items I have purchased, but you are mistaken. This book by Victoria Beckham and is all about fashion, from lingerie to office wear. Regardless of the fact that it was published in 2006 (when the 'pob' had not yet been invented) it's still contains interesting facts about fashion, how to put outfits together and what Posh Spice believes is vital for a glamorous wardrobe. And for 50p (originally costing £12), it's far from a bad buy.

Hope you enjoyed my first post on car boot hauls, hopefully I go to more car boots over the summer and keep you updated with my finds.

Also, keep you eyes peeled for my next post on Fashion Icon Friday #2...any guesses on who it might be.

Till next time, xoxo

Friday, 11 June 2010

Fashion Icon Friday #1 - Alexa Chung

So as you may have guessed, the first post on this segment is my favourite style icon at the moment, Miss Alexa Chung!

So here's some facts about her, that I personally find very interesting!

Birth: 5/11/83 in Pivett, Hampshire, England.

Relationships: Photographer/part of Blue Mercedes 80's group-David Titlow, mid 2006-2007 Lostprophets-Ian Watkins, late 2006-2007 Horrors-Faris Badman Early 2007 Klaxons-James Righton and at present Arctic Monkeys-Alex Turner.

Modelling: Scouted at Reading Festival (aged 16) by Storm Model Management, then in 2009 joined Select London-based model agency and in late 2009 moved to Next Model Management.
-For: Elle, CosmoGIRL!, Urban Outfitters, Shaitzy Chen, Wren's Holiday 2009 Collection.
-Catwalk:Vivienne Westwood's Red Label Spring/Summer 2009 Collection
-Covers: UKVougue, HarpersBaazar UK -Advert Appearances: Fanta, Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk, Tampax
- Face of: Antipodium's SS8, Oxfam's Revamped range, New Look, DKNY Jeans, SS10 Pepe Jeans, Lacoste's new Fragrance

TV career: 2007, Get A Grip(ITV1), 2008, The Wall (BBC3) 2009 It's On With Alexa Chung (MTV).

-Channel 4 Deal: Popworld, Big Brother's Big Mouth, Vanity Lear, Freshly Squeezed, Gok's Fashion Fix, Frock Me.

Print Journalist: 2007-2008 monthly column in Company, 2008-2009 weekly column The Independent, 2009 editor Vogue UK.

Charity/Campaign Work:
-Supported Terrance Higgins Trust, Worlds AIDS Day, The Big Ask (Friends of Earth), Product Red, Green Peace, Attitude is Everything.
-Ambassador: Oxfam.
-Jewellery Range for Fair Trade Organisation.
-mentor: activist movement Ctrl.Alt.Shift with VICE Magazine.

So here's how to get the 'I didn't really put any effort into this' look

Wardrobe Essentials:

A lot of Chanel and Vintage!

Black Blazers

Nude-Coloured Cardigans

Trench Coats

Navy blue or bottle green Military Jackets

Black Leather Jackets

American Apparel Hoodies

Tea dresses


Mini Skirts

Velvet skirts

Mini dresses

Brenton Tops

Checked Shirts

Denim Shirts

Sheer Blouses

Rock Band T-shirts

Lace dresses

Denim Short Shorts

Light Denim Jeans

Skinny Scarfs


Birkin Bags

Over sized Clutches

Lace-up Military Style Boots



Ballet Pumps

Really High Wedges

Black Leather Boots

Quirky Necklaces

Hair - Chin length, messy, center-parted, brown hair with blended-in blonde highlighted hair

Makeup (minimal) - winged eyeliner (smokey eyes at night), Marmara on top lash only, peach/light bronzer blusher, nude pink lips


Till Next Time, xoxo

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Timeless outfit No.4: Boho-chic

Bohemian style is associated with peace, women's liberation and of course free love.

Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, was more on the minimalist side of boho style with her long middle parted hair and flowing clothes, I'd say hippie fashion with more simplicity.

Cher in 1970s, took the Bohemian style and enhanced it to fit her personality, with long hair, deep eyes and slightly tribal style due to the use of different colours.

And now in twenty-ten, Nicole Richie shows us, as a mother and socialite how to efficiently put together boho statements (like this dress) with more modern pieces, such as a leather jacket.

And finally, we cannot mention boho-chic without mentioning Mary Kate Ashley. One of my favourite style icons, she perfectly assembles her outfit with a 'i just rolled out of bed' look added with carefully chosen vintage pieces.

Wardrobe essentials:
flared jeans
flowing mini dress
baby-doll tops with embroidery
patterned tops
peasant blouses
flowing skirts
floral dresses
sheer dresses
Elton John style sunnies
numerous finger rings
lots of chained necklaces
elegant beaded long earrings
loose bangles
toe rings
satchel bags
tan-coloured vintage bags
balenciaga bags
feathered, beaded, floral headbands
cowboy boots
denim shorts
fringed boots
flip flops
bed-head, middle-parted, crimped hair
smudged eyeliner

till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Timeless outfit No.3: Menswear-inspired

There is nothing fitter than wearing a man's clothes, it shows you are confident and comfortable in your own body.

Diane Keaton's style as Annie Hill back in the 70s showed girls how to put together a bloke's outfit with feminine touches.
and we have to honour designer Coco Chanel for actually creating menswear inspired fashion

Now, Victoria Beckham, with her power dressing as a mother, fashion designer, businesswoman and model elegantly pulls of menswear style.
And not to forget Olivia Palmero who is nothing without her to-die-for style, assembled perfectly with masculine watches and Birkin bags.

Wardrobe essentials:
shoulder pads
long baggy shirts
polo tops
structures outdoor coats
work trousers
baggy jeans
flared jeans
tailored shorts
bow ties
shiny shoes
pointed shoes
top hat
briefcase-style bags
structured bags
men's watches
simple chain necklaces
minimalist coloured outfits in general

till next time, xoxo