Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Heyyyyaaaaaa Beautiful People!!!!
So it was Father's Day here in England yesterday, so my family and I went for lunch at this lovely Indian restaurant in Leicester. We went there because we were dropping my sister off to university for 'outroweek' (a week of funfunfun for medics), I wish I was with her now. :(
This is a my father and I. Apparently he looks as though he's about to punch the cameraman (my sister), and I look like a shy hunchback girl, ahahahaha.

Sorry, I didn't take a full proper picture of me on my own but this is what I wore anyway.
Chambray Denim Shirt - Car boot, 50p
Skirt - Handmade by Me
Opaque Tights - Primark, £2
Military Tie-up Boots -Can't Remember :( , £20
Satchel - My Mother's
Sunglasses - Market, £2

This is a close up of me with a FAT cake!
Nail Paint -Barry M (mint green)
Foundation - Image DV8 (whipped bronzing mousse)
Mascara - Rimmel London(the max volume flash)
This is my mother and sister. They look soooo alike, that I always seem to question if I'm maybe adopted (ha!).

So yeah, that was my Sunday. Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and Father's Day. And also, those of you living in England...enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

And I hope you're all looking forward to this weeks 'Fashion Icon Friday' as much as I am!

Till next time, xoxo


  1. that photo with your dad is classic, and you have the prettiest hair!


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  3. @elenor - Thankyou very much :) x

    @edk.dolce - I have seen you blg and now I'm following. What do I have to do next to be featured in your blog? And thankyou for checking out my blog :) x

  4. amazinggg.. lovely looking family :]


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