Thursday, 3 June 2010

Timeless outfit No.4: Boho-chic

Bohemian style is associated with peace, women's liberation and of course free love.

Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, was more on the minimalist side of boho style with her long middle parted hair and flowing clothes, I'd say hippie fashion with more simplicity.

Cher in 1970s, took the Bohemian style and enhanced it to fit her personality, with long hair, deep eyes and slightly tribal style due to the use of different colours.

And now in twenty-ten, Nicole Richie shows us, as a mother and socialite how to efficiently put together boho statements (like this dress) with more modern pieces, such as a leather jacket.

And finally, we cannot mention boho-chic without mentioning Mary Kate Ashley. One of my favourite style icons, she perfectly assembles her outfit with a 'i just rolled out of bed' look added with carefully chosen vintage pieces.

Wardrobe essentials:
flared jeans
flowing mini dress
baby-doll tops with embroidery
patterned tops
peasant blouses
flowing skirts
floral dresses
sheer dresses
Elton John style sunnies
numerous finger rings
lots of chained necklaces
elegant beaded long earrings
loose bangles
toe rings
satchel bags
tan-coloured vintage bags
balenciaga bags
feathered, beaded, floral headbands
cowboy boots
denim shorts
fringed boots
flip flops
bed-head, middle-parted, crimped hair
smudged eyeliner

till next time, xoxo


  1. I love this timeless outfit stuff!!!! Xx

  2. true wardrobe essentials!!!
    cute blog!
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  3. Thanks Falco Veronica :)

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  4. thankyou for following! following you too :)

    love this post.. I love the bohemian look

  5. love these pictures

    love mary-kate also ;)

    really great blog

  6. Thankyou guys!!
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  7. you know what? i've read the every blog entry you have on the first page of your blog, and i'm amazed. not a lot of fashion bloggers (like me!) take the time to really think and output what they have in mind =)

    i love you blog. you'll make it big someday girl!

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  8. Thankyou Kaye!
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  9. I love the boho chic! The Olsen are the queens and Richie the princess! I LOVE BOTH!


  10. awesome post! i love it :)

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