Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Primark? Anyday!

So you all must be familiar with Primark's collection for a/w 2010. With lovely shiny, leather-like leggings, oh so cute clocks and of course a Primark specialties their lovely arrange of footwear. It's amazing how much my clothes actually come from Primark. Not only are they mega cheap (so you can buy lots of clothes for the price one item from Topshop) but aren't they all just gorgeous? But have you seen their s/s collection for 2011?

It's all so beautiful I already want all them outfits. Especially the nude knee lengthed skirt and with the the black stain top, that the model above is wearing. The mini-dresses are also fabulous. So light and they clinch at the waist to show of the figure all of us women posses. the footwear again is edgy and very fit for the summer. Open toes and wedges. But what I'm really diggin' is the satchel bags! I really, really want the white, navy blue and white one. It's just what i need to complete my summer outfits! arghhhh, all of this is making me soo excited for SUMMERR! holidays, festivals, endless amounts of ice cream and of course the chance to cute little white socks with clocks and wedges with BARE legs! Can't wait.

So do you all like Primark's new collection for s/s? Or is it too cheap and mainstream for y'all? Prefer Topshop or is Primark, like me perfect for every summer, due to the forever changing fashion trends?

'till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I love my jumper competition!

Since the start of the winter all I've seen is big and beautiful jumpers, everywhere! So I came across this website and it was offering a lovely prize by just bangin' up a photo of yourself
in your fave winter jumper.
Each week for the last eight weeks Global Cool have been giving away £100 worth of high street shopping vouchers for the best winter jumper photo, and they are continuing this week with a final prize of River Island vouchers. There’ll also be two runners-up prize vouchers worth £25, decided by guest judges. So all you guys get on this competition to get rid of them winter blues!
If you like my photo above, or love my jumper or just like me and want me to win please VOTE FOR ME!
To vote for my photo to win simply go on link above and then click on 'Like' on the Facebook button . The entry with the most Likes by Thursday December 16th at midnight will be the winner.
Oh and before I forget...This winter let's
Turn Up The Style by wearing our favourite knitwear, so that we can Turn Down The Heat and use less energy at home. Cute little tip for a/w 2010!
'till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow dayss foreverrr

faux fur headband - Primark
cream scarf - broadmarsh shopping centre, Nottingham
over sized jumper - Cow
black leggings - River Island
patterned socks - Primark
military boots - Hypnotic, Nottingham
It's been snowing for a week now and last Thursday my lovely friend Paige took photos of me in my garden for a magazine shoot. I love and miss the snow. We now have to go college and actually do work in stead of drinking tea and watching day time TV. boooo! :(

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another snow day I hear?

So today was another lovely snow dayyyy! Wooop.

Lovely American-style breakfast today, though it was the last bagel, boo. Then lazeeeed until 1 when father came home with an all day ticket which took me to town to find a faux fur coat and once again no luck! Arghhhh! Then I got late for a revision session at notts uni. Which was pointless. Well I got some tea and cakes so not that bad actually. Then got home at 8, had some hot chocolate and now gonna watch Coco, avant Chanel, with subtitles of course.

take a look at my beaut garden.

'till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowwwwww Dayyyyyyyy!

So busy we all need a well deserved snow day!

Was woken up by the parents yelling at me to wake up in order to see the beautiful snow fall on the even beautiful layer of whiteness from the day before. But instead I checked facebook on my blackberry to see if the college has be closed for the day and It was! Woooop! It's funny how instead of checking our local radio Trent FM or the Bilborough College website, I checked fb. Because as we all know, news reaches our fb news feed before it does anyway else, right? So, I just told the parents that I had a day off for the snow, which they did not believe but let it pass as they saw me all curled and warm in bed. I think personally they were jealous of the fact that I could laze around all day and that they had to go to work, owwwh!

Anyhow, I work up at 10 and looked out of the window to see the soft and delicate snow fall onto the ground. Regardless of the amounts of casualties and injuries (frozen toes) the snow causes, you gotta admit it's darn right gorgeous. So then I turned the heater on in the study room, popped a cinnamon and raisin bagel in the toaster, covered it in nutella avec coffee and orange juice. Yummmmmmyyyyy! The best American style breakfast everrrrr!
What's better is that I have also decided to dedicate the whole day to missed episodes of Glee, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Misfits. With of course occasionally browses of blogs and facebook accompanied by my fave tracks at the moment (due to he limited use of megavideo, boo). I have just got though Glee and halfway though Gossip Girl. Glee was sooooo beautiful! Kurt and Finn's parents got married, they all danced beautifully and then Finn told Kurt how much he loved his new bro and how he will always support him. It then ended nicely with Bruno Mars - Just the way you are, and then Kurt leaving to join an all boys school. Owhhh!
The new Gossip Girl episode is so far a drag tbf. Just Serena overdosing and being a mardy but beautiful woman. Arggghh, I wish Blair and Chuck would just get back together :(, actually no. aAs I want to be Chuck's only woman, correction I WILL be his only woman.

I'm now deciding what to have for lunch, probs a ploughman's sandwich, a packet of crisps and oasis (so a la Boots, non?) probs accompanied by a cuppa tea. British lunch following by a American breakfast...ending with an Indian dinner. Yes please.

I wish I was having this instead.
The only thing I'm annoyed about lately is...actually a lot of things, so thank you snow day for easing down my stress level. I am currently very annoyed at the status of my ucas. It's gonna be a nearly 2 week since I've sent it off and it says 'your application has been sent for consideration.' Arggghh, just get to the point, reject me or accept me, make a decision now.please.thanks. All I've had is an email from university of york and notts ststing they have 'received' my application. That is all. :( Boo!

Also, I have a load of college work above my head. 2 exams in January plus a coursework deadline for the b part of Ireland history and the first draft of my epq which I haven't even started. Not to forget general revision and a extra class I have to go to tomorrow evening. Woop!

Also, my driving lesson is this week on Thursday, probs in the snow, which i am dreading, then the test near Xmas which I am also terrified of.

What's more is that I've been trying sooooo hard to find a faux fur coat for winter which I think is perfect, fits my budget and no one else has. Which I know is impossible but trust me I mostly always have clothes in my wardrobe that are cheap and that no one else has (go to carboots, they are the best!) However, for a fur coat it's sooooo difficult. For one my mother refuses to take me to the carboot as it's snowing and it's tooo cold. Also, all the fur jackets in the high street are either like £80 or like this one in New Look that I bought and returning, has been worn by 3 different people in town, so that's a big no no. Goshhhh, I sound snobby. sorry guys, It's just that I really like to wear thing NO ONE ELSE has. It's quite sad and childish but that's what make me, well me. So I'll guess I will have to make my own from animal fur. KIDDING GUYS! I'M A VEGETARIAN AND HAVE NO PETS DUE TO MY OBSESSIVE LOVE FOR FURRY CREATURES!!
On a lighter note. MY DRAKE TICKETS HAVE ARRIVED! they came in the post yesterday. I was soooo scared they wouldn't come as my sister ordered them (on my account) and I thought they'd be fake, also as my friends had signed up for etickets which had arrived before mine in the post. But itis fine now. All I'm doing now is counting the days until 14th January, when me and the sister will go on our dates with Drake and J.Cole (only I can dream) in Birmingham (which calls for shopppingggg as well).
Another exciting event is the annual snowball this Friday!!!! Hopefully it doesn't snow and we don't turn into ice in the cold. As the event planner, I have to arrive early to let people in and check the guest list, but it's gonna be impossible as I finish college at 4 and will get to my friends house to get ready at later than 5. Which means I cannot get to the venue before 7 as a girl need her much-needed glmming-up time, qui? I'm planning to wear a jersey black maxi dress with a lace pattern on the back with, lots of pearls in the accessories department and a short white faux fur jacket. Ooerrr! Very glam, non? Hopefully I don' look ott. Which I do most of he time anyway. I shall take lots of photos to show you all guys, so keep checking back.

'till next time, xoxo

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

18 with a bullet! (beware of v.long post)

Life has be sooooo hectic lately. I feel as though i have no time spare. Even for Gossip Girl. I mean, I still watch it but whilst I'm having my dinner or something so I don't feel as though I wasting valuable time that I could spend revising. IT'S HORRIBLE. I HAVE NO LIFE.

Anyway, since it's been a long time since I last posted I though I'd let you know what I've been up to. As promised here is a snap of me in my local paper! Woop!

cream knitted headband - Primark
white blouse - vintage
tan over sized cardigan-vintage
brown skirt - Primark
opaque black tight - Primark
black tbar flats- borrowed from sister

Well, to mark the final and last day for the fabulous Indian dance festival we all had to dress in white and dance for the last time (well until this time next year that is). I'm gonna miss dancing sooooo much :(

However until 8342895783475 days, enjoy some photos guys:

Last week was half term for us UK residents and so as my birthday fell on that week I decided to crash at my sister's home with my beautiful cousin. It was lots of fun and my 18th couldn't have been better. We went out for a meal, went to the cinemas to watch The Social Network, watched Vampires Suck on thee laptop, went to a la Starbucks and did lots of shopping, where I ended up purchasing my snowball dress (it's a long black jersey style maxi, ever sooo beautiful!) On my actual birhtdayI got lots of lovely phone calls, were fellow loved ones sang happy bday to me! The Social Network was really gooooood. Lots of law references that I didn't understand, but the movie itself was v.interesting and somewhat freaky. I think freaky because we don't realise how much we use facebook as it's now a norm in western society to use it. And how I don't remember what I did when I didn't use facebook. I never had a Myspace account. I probably just slept a lot I guess. GOD i miss those days. When we were so young and carefree. Hahaahahaa, I've only just turned 18 and I'm throwing the 'in the good old days' lines. Anyway, Vampires Suck actually SUCKED. It was soooo bad. I know spoofs of films are supposed to be bad but this was just awful. The funny parts were just cringy and lame, I'm so disappointed as I the trailer looked so good! Ah well.
So yeah, enjoy some more photos...

cream knitted headband - Primark
tan over sized cardigan - vintage
cream silk blouse - Primark
black cotton shorts - Primark
ribbed grey tights - Primark
'harry potter' geek glasses - Primark
I think I shop in Primark waaaaaaayyyyyy toooooo muuchhh. Oh well, the clothes are nice and cheap, you can't go wrong, eh?

I came back from my sister's on the Wednesday were I had a mock University Interview to attend that lasted until 6 (I looked way over dressed, as I usually do and was very knacked from the wild times in Leicester), then in the evening I got lots of money from the fam and parents. And not to forget the lovely pairof suede cream wedges I received from my mother and the oh so smooth white blackberry I received from the father.
On that Thursday I went out for my 18th with my lovely friends. I HAD SUCH A GOOOOOD NIGHT. I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!
Enjoy more photos from that night.

black tea dress- Primark
brown leather belt - Primark
black t-bar heels - Matalan
pearl bracelet - vintage
Oh and Happy Belated Halloween!
The deco and fairy lights are from my living room window. My mother's soooo overly festive, bless.
Hope life is going great for all you guys. I thought being 18 would be fun but in fact it's even more stressful. I'm currently in the process of sending of my UCAS and I'm on my 6th draft of my personal statement, aghhhh! I have no idea when it will be done :/ Btw, I'm predicted AAAB (psychology, philosophy, epq and history) and I'm applying for (in order of preference), University of York, University of Leeds, University of Nottingham and I am still thinking of 2 more. One with lower grade requirements and other I don't really care about, haaha!! I am also buried in homework, a study for my epq, revision and a coursework on Ireland. I miss the days of reading twilight in the winter with my only worry being my non-existence romance with a vampire.
Oh, before I forget it's Diwali this weekend, I can't wait! It's gonna be so much fun! Colour, lights, fireworks, rich food and new clothes. Oh and money will also be on the way, yes! So HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU ALL. oh and it's only 14759123927345 days left till xmas. I lie, it's coming so fast...I saw xmas goodies in BHS last weekend, witt woooooooo!
'till next time, xoxo

Friday, 22 October 2010

The other day me and my beautiful friend took crazy photos and drank lots of herbal tea.

red jumper - vintage
black jeans - Primark
back croptop - New Look

As you can see we love bunny rabbit ears, top hats, Ron Weasley, Chuck Bass, love hearts and generally posing. WE ARE ALSO ON A BB HYPE. Well actually I am. I only just got my lovely white Blackberry Curve on Monday for my 18th next week (EXCITED MUCH? no not really) and I am in lurrrvveee! It's so amazing and soooo addictive. I recommend that you all get one (but I assume you've all already got one, as I'm a bit late on the BB tinggg)!

Also, I was in today's Nottingham Post for my awesome street-style! I'll bang up a photo in a bit, it looks quite unusual and not very fashionable to be honest. Ah least I got my face in the local paper for the 3rd time! Famous much! Soooo yeeeeah, hopefully I'll get scouted soon to be a model(not!)

'till next time, xoxo