Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Landan - Day 2.

The following is what the girls and I did the next day:

got glammed up.
had breakfast (no idea why the lighting came out dark, as it was a VERY sunny/bright day).

took photos of The London Eye, Barclays cycles and The Big Ben whilst waiting in a queue for the cruise.
went on a lovely cruise around central London.
went shopping on the legendary Oxford Street.

floral dress as top - Primark
denim shorts - Primark
plait belt - Primark kids
tan gladiators - New Look
pink cardigan - mother's vintage
black bag - Matalan
scarf on bag - Primark
sunglasses (worn above) - Primark
OMG, soooo did not realise my that my outfit mostly consists of Primani goodies. wow! I'm not sure if I'm impressed or shocked or annoyed. Oh well.

had lunch in a gorgeous park.

I hope your guys' summer is going well. If you live in England like me...I can feel your pain. It's impossible to do anything. I plan to go out, wear summer clothes (as the weather seems nice in the morning) but by midday the sun has gone and showers has hit :(, I hate it.

After the first 2 weeks of my holidays being jam packed with work experience, Wales, Cambridge, London, general outings with the friends, and the third week, busy taking care of my ill-but-now-recovered-mother, last week and this week have been pretty slow and boring. I've been at home most of the days

All I have done is watched films, been on the regular errands now that my sister has just passed her driving test (I'm soooo proud!), been town shopping and carbooting (woooo!), had my two baby teeth pulled out (ouch!), had two family gatherings and had my AS results been given to me.

Here is what I got:

A - Psychology (woooooo!)
B - Philosophy (only a couple marks of an A, so I'm resitting one of the papers)
B - History (only a couple marks of an A again , so I'm also resitting one of the papers)
D - Biology (I have now dropped it, as I'm rubbish at it and it bores the life out of me. It also wasted valuable revising time which I could have used for history and philosophy to get myself the well deserved A's)

'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Landan - Day 1.

My four favourite girls and I decided to take trip down to the lovely beautiful city of London for the weekend. We travelled via minibus on the Saturday, and this is what we did:

stopped at a service station for lunch.

we went to see Lion King on Broadway. blue slouchy top - Zara

pin-striped black&grey trousers - Hnm

leopard-print fur gilet- Primark kids

black bag - Matalan
checked into our rooms at Holiday Inn.
had tea.

got changed.

melange-green jersey tank - American Apparel

black stir-up leggings - River Island

black military boots - unknown

went out for dinner.went to a pub/bar.
had a late night gym top - Topshop

grey plimsoles- Primark

hung out and had a mini paaartay in one of our told off for playing loud music, laughing and talking at 2am.

got prang and so went to bed.

(sorry there are no photos from the night as everything went a tad bit tooo crazyy/messyy) !

*My next post will be Landan - Day 2.*

I've decided to do posts with less text and more photos for a change as it's quicker, easier and maybe more easy on the eyes? I dunno. I just thought my lovely followers and anonymous readers may prefer this. Please comment and tell be what you like better.

Lately -

  • searching for: cute vintage blouses
  • reading: I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk
  • watching: Jersey Shore on MTV
  • listening to: Keane, under the iron sea album

'till next time, xoxo

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Land O' Cambridge

Every year The University of Cambridge hosts a Sutton Trust summer school, were college students (aged 16/17) get the opportunity to experience life/lectures at university level. This year out of the 2000ish applicants only 105 were selected to attend and I was one! I chose to go on the Psychology and Sociology course.

grey jumper - Hnm
black linen shorts - Next
gold chain necklace - Car Boot

Tuesday - The day we arrived. After a two and a half hour train journey and 20 mins walk from the station I finally arrived a The University of Cambridge. We were given our keys to our own rooms, a water-bottle, a pack of info (prospectus, timetable of the days, health and safety regulations etc) and a lanyard (id). My room was soooo cute and I had an en suite bathroom! (this is a big deal as my friend didn't, boo). After unpacking was dinner and then we played some games and participated in introductions/icebreakers. This was because most people were from all around the U.K and like me knew no one there.

Wednesday - After waking up at 6.30 (arghh!), we had breakfast and then 4 lectures on Psychology including a lunch in between. In the evening after dinner we went punting, which was lovely as Cambridge is beautiful and the punting lads were even more so!

Thursday - Same sort of day as before but this time the 4 lectures were on Sociology. Then, I was chosen to participate in a focus group were selected students from each course had to give their reviews on the University of Cambridge prospectus. Which meant I was given less time to prepare for the formal dinner and disco in the evening (even though I looked overly dressed compared to the rest of the students anyway), which also gave me zero time to grab my camera for the night/my outfit. The dining hall was decorated beautifully with candles and fine cutlery and there were name plates situated at our reserved seats (yes there was a seating chart, boo!) It was a rather posh dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the disco we all danced like crazy despite being sober and had a great time (highlight of the trip, i think so).

Friday - The last day of summer school. We attend 2 lectures (one on sociology and the other on combined psych and soc), grabbed our lunch, were given a mug and walked with our heavy bags back to the station. I was v.upset that I couldn't say farewell to most of the new friends that I had made (but I think that's why facebook was created, I guess).

University of Cambridge: mug, water-bottle, ballpoint-pen, lanyard, name plate.

I definitely love Cambridge but I'm yet to decide if to apply there next year or not. I guess I'll just have to wait till AS results day which is in 4 days...arghhhh, I'm so nervous, wish me luck guys!

My next post will be on my trip to London and then, Inception (big movie!). So stay tuned, haha!

'till next time, xoxo

Friday, 13 August 2010

date with the girls

The week after my work experience on the Monday I booked a date with my favourite girls. We took a causal stroll in our local town, checked out a couple of stores especially TopShop which has changed it's layout, I mean you have to go to the opposite side of the shop now if you are looking for footwear, oh what havoc a beautiful shop can cause. We had several Kodak moments, had lunch in a lovely Mexican restaurant called Chiquito's (full house burrito is the one) and soaked up some rain (!) in our central park .

The girls and I. BTW, i lurrrvvvveee glossy black coloured doors. I saw them every where in London and luckily I sat down to tie up my laces in front of this beautiful one and so I insisted on a photo to be taken.

This is Paige (from, so check her out) and I.
white long-sleeved tee - Zara
brown skirt - handmade/DIY
opaque tights - Primark
black military boots - unknown
black bag - Matalan
gold chain-necklace - car boot

My yummy virgin colada.

Hope your summer holidays are going great and if you live in England lets pray for some sun. After 2 weeks of being mega busy, I've found time for the family and so I've been cooking up some recipes (don't worry nothing special, just the usual sir fry) and going for several walks. Also I've also been listening way too much of Vampire Weekend, drinking massive amounts of tea and watching this amazing new show online called Pretty Little Liars.

'till next time, xoxo

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Autism and Cymru

It's true. I have neglected blogging for 2 WHOLE weeks. I would love to say I have been on holiday to somewhere hot, laying on a beach, with a cocktail in hand, sourcing potential husbands. But that would be unfair to you beautiful people.
The ugly truth is that I have been v.busy with educational activities (partly) during my holidays. Mad! I know!
The week before last I had work experience at Rosehill School for Autistic children. They hold a play scheme every year where children aged 7-16, with differing levels of autism come along for some activities for 4 days. I had to shadow/help/play with a little 7 year old girl. She had minimal use of language (as in she could not speak and only make sounds/noises), loved playing with balls/balloons and loved running around. As children with autism are said to be unsocial and have no emotions, it was v.difficult to engage or communicate with her. We went to a park, a farm, did hand-painting, made a photo frame and played on bouncing castle. It was tres fun!

And in return of my 'hard work' I received this lot:

2 certificates.
One from the school itself.
The other I got today in the post with a letter to say they would be delighted if I could help out next year(yeah!), from NORSCA (the organisation in charge of the schemes).
A box of malteases (yum!).
A cheque for my transport expenses (now that is what I call generous)
A lovely card to say thank you (Awwww!)
Inside of my card:

To end the ever so tiring week the 'rents took us to Wales for the weekend. We went on a sort of pilgrimage as I am born into a Hindu family. We saw 3 temples, went to 2 'darshans', had lunch, saw some animals and enjoyed the breathtaking views. My mother does not want me to upload any photos of the temples, deities or much of the surroundings, so here's 3 photos to enjoy.

This is my mother's white cotton blouse from Next and her necklace from Matalan. I had to wear something of my mothers, as all my outfits/clothing were apparently unsuitable for this trip (ouch!).
jeggings - River Island
white boat shoes - Office (Blowfish)
bag - River Island
black cardigan - Matalan

My father, mother and I, with the beautiful greenness!
Me dropping some coins in the donation box, as you do. Oh, and another thing you should all know, my bag is always open (take note potential thieves, not that I own a lot of valuables anyway). I'm always taking stuff out and placing them back in, and I believe zips are a nuisance.

My next post will be on my trip to Cambridge, so keep checking this space!

'till next time, xoxo.