Wednesday, 29 September 2010

London Fashion Weekend 2010 - Catwalk

I was supposed to post this last week but I was REALLY REALLY REALLY POORLY (so ill that I took days off college and the geek that I am that rarely happens), so here it is now!

Saturday was utterly amazingg! And because of this I am going to dedicate LFW 2010 3 posts. Split into the catwalk, the show bag and outfit/random posts of the day.

These were all taken by my lovely sister, who has now left me to go to university in Leicester to be a doctor.
Even though all the outfits are gorgeous and I'd lurrrvve to have them all, my fave outfit has to be the pinkish/reddish long-sleeved top with the tight black trousers. It's a simple outfit yet SO fabulous and original. I love the deep neck regardless of the model having no chest (like me) and the way the fabric clings to the arms so delicately.
'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I won!

I have recently just found out that I am the 1st prize winner of the Bargainista Show and Tell Challenge!
This is what the judges had to say ''Ruju's pretty blouse and black and brown satchel bag are bang on trend for Autumn 2010. We could not believe that she picked up that fab brown coat for only 37.5p at a car boot- we want one too!''
-How nice is that?!
So that means I have won...(drum roll please): 2 Gold tickets for London Fashion Week. (including 2 limited edition show bags, 2 entrance tickets to the catwalk shows and of course entrance to the shopping hall filled with designer discounts!)
I am soooooo very excited to go! It's this Saturday and I am taking my beautiful sister (photographer for the competition) with me and I am sure it will be lots of fun!

The gorgeous model and TV presenter, Zara Martin will be hosting the anticipated catwalk shows this season! I love her blog sooo much, she's such a babe!

I will hopefully see a selection of British and International designers, including John Galliano, Just Cavalli, Jaeger London and Avsh Alom Gur. Also, two of the season’s hottest trends: Nomad and Kramer vs. Kramer. And lastly, 12 looks from both Ashley Isham and BodyAmr’s AW10 collections.

Kramer vs. Kramer

Ashley Isham


Excitement. Yes!

Also, here are a selection of designers that will be there on the day for me too oogle, dribble and maybe BUY! Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Gianni Versace, DKNY Jeans and Juicy Couture! Even the names are beautiful!

As for the show bags, we will receive, a limited edition reusable canvas bag filled with approx 10 products from LFW's sponsors and other amazing brands.

And the best thing off all is... I CAN TAKE MY OWN PHOTOGRAPHS DURING THE CATWALK! Which means all you beautiful people can still get a look at what went down in this years LFW 2010.

Also, well done to joint winners Vix (from Vintage Vixen) and Alex (Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks), we will hopefully see you both this weekend! And congrats to the runner-ups Eleanor (from Pretty Much Penniless) and Kat (from Fashion Peach 17) for winning Topshop vouches (so jealous).

But until Saturday, (instead of counting down the hours/minutes till LFW), I shall go do some history homework, watch This is England '86 and grab a cuppa.

'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bargainista Show and Tell Challenge.

I'm entering 'Bargainista Challenge'. It's a competition for bloggers to show off their cheapest yet fashionable outfits! (Thanks to Kat from Sequin Buttons, for her post and email).

Pink blouse - carboot, 50p
Denim skirt - carboot originally St Michael M&S, 50p
Brown coat - carboot, 37.5p (4 items for £1.50)
Black clogs - Primark, £6 reduced from £12
Brown and black satchel bag - mother's wardrobe
Blue scarf on bag - carboot, 50p (2 for £1)
Polka dot sheer tights - Newlook, 50p reduced from £4
White socks - Courtaulds Factory Shop, 33p (3 for £1)
White sunglasses - free with magazine
Gold earrings - mother's wardrobe
Penny necklace - Marks&Spencers, 1p (M&S Penny Bazaar)
Outfit Total = £8.72!

Bargain Hunting Tips:
1. Raid through your mother's, father's, grandma's wardrobes, as you never know what you could find hiding in there!
2. Stop at every stall at the carboot and don't be shy to rummage.
3. If you like a specific item on the catwalk (i.e. aviator/flying jacket) look everywhere (high street, online, charity shops etc) to find the best copy.

This competition is open to ALL UK bloggers. The closing date for entries is today (Thursday 16th September 2010) at midnight. The winner will be determined as the entry that creates the best look on a budget and notified by the email tomorrow (Friday 17th September 2010).

I'm sorry for the short notice but I only found out about the competition yesterday. But if anyone still wants to enter, contact me by commenting on the post with your email and I will send you the pdf with all the details.

First Prize: (3 winners): Two Gold entry tickets to London Fashion Weekend, Two limited edition show bags, Two entrance tickets to the catwalk shows, Entrance to the shopping hall filled with designer discounts.

Second Prize: £50 Topshop voucher to spend in-store.

Third Prize: £25 Topshop voucher to spend in-store.

'till next time, xoxo

Monday, 13 September 2010

Already dossing?

This is my first day back at college after the summer and I'm already not doing anything educational. I am in the library as I've got frees this afternoon and none of my friends share the same frees. So instead of going home I'm reading the psychology review, blogging and drinking some apple juice...ahhhh the life of a average teenager. Actually maybe not as I'm the only one outta my friends that blogs, besides my bestie who blogs about fashion due to her wanting to a fashion journalism course at university. But as for me I'm doing it for no apparent reason but for pure enjoyment, (sad maybe? yes!)

Anyway here's a tiny extract from my enormous wish list for A/W. Enjoy you beauties!

These items are from Topshop. I hardly own anything from TopShop as I believe they are overly priced. Also, you can buy similar items in car boots, Charity shops, eBay etc, for a smaller price tag. However, some of the stuff is very cute and all you have to do is click a button, instead of rummaging for a gorgeous find in a whole lotta dump.

Faux Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Knitted Cable Jumper
Knitted Fluffy Stitch Jumper
Bonded Military Shirt
Short Sleeve Tab Sleeve Shirt
Mesh Floral Neck Blouse

70's Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Paper Bag Trousers
1.I really adore that jacket. Me and my friends have been talking about aviator jackets for months now and I'm still in love with them. I really want one however, I've seen 3 girls in college with it (even though it is out of 1000 students) and also my friends may buy it, and because I hate having the same things as others I won't we buying it (also it's a whopping £78!)
2. Love the warm jumper but my friend has this so it's a no no for me, but it's still ever so cute. Cable knit is sooo pretty.
3. Again a v.cute jumper, less chunky and more feminine :)
4. Shirts are soooo me right now. I am addicted to buying and searching for shirts. This is slightly masculine and tough. I like!
5. This is a more cuter shirt with an even gorgeous collar.
6. This blouse is more summer than a/w, but even though I could layer it with a scarfs and cardis for a causal look.
7. Sooo 70s! I love denim above the waist as it's more country and edgy. I really want this!
8. Lastly are these ever so pretty paper bag trousers. I saw them in Glamour magazine and thought they were from an high end designer shop, but to my surprise they aren't! I REALLY want them. They are the right shape and colour for me. With a slim brown belt too!
I'll show you my most wanted footwear in the next post.
Now, I'm gonna go watch This is England '86 on 4oD. I missed the first episode last week. I'm such a fail. :(
'till next time, xoxo

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The week after I came back from my lovely bank holiday weekend have been pretty boring :(
All I've done is been to the car-boot twice as to me, it's by far the best place to shop for vintage pieces. I've also helped paint my room and the parents' room. Both the colour magnolia (a lovely cream), but don't worry both rooms look different as one is on top of wallpaper and the other is not. We are also getting new carpets (dark brown in my room) and I've also got a new desk. My room should end up with a brown-ish/cream-ish theme.

I also went to my friends 18th on Monday. We went for a meal and ended up at a quaint little pub.

Birthday girl.

the amazing jukebox.Paige and I.
pink blouse - vintage, black skinny jeans - Primark, denim chambray shirt - vintage, sheep skin gillet - Next, black bag - vintage ,black clogs - Primark

I start college tomorrow. So not looking forward to it, no more lie-ins and do-nothing-time, boo me. :( But I am excited to see my new timetables. I know it sounds sad, but I can't wait to plan my weeks, find out my frees and decide on how to revise (haha, swot or what?). Also, deciding on outfits for the week.
I've decided to take a photo of myself every morning (when I look my best) and then choose the best outfit of the week to show you guys, so keep checking back!
I hope your weekend has been great and the sun's on your side.

'till next time, xoxo

Sunday, 5 September 2010

giveaway prize that I won.

I was the 3rd prize winner of Maria Morrision's (from r3daily) Cleaning Out My Polish Giveaway!‏

I won and received the giveaway a few weeks ago but due to a v.busy summer and college approaching soon, I've only just found time to post again.

As this is the first ever blog giveaway I've won, I thought I'd share some photos of the prize with you all!I has worn the nail paint for a week before I took this photo so my it's chipped :(, but as you can see the colour is gorgeous!
'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bank Holiday, anyone?

In Britain we've just had our bank holiday weekend. And so my family and I, went to see some places.
On Sunday we went to Wembley.

the whole family.
the sister and I.
plaid/tartan smock - Primark
black shiny leggings - New Look
black cardigan - Matalan
brown sandals (not shown) - market in India
satchel - mother's wardrobe, vintage

On Monday we went to Leicester.

printed jacket - car boot

black crop top - New Look

acid wash leggings - New Look

cream shoes (not shown) - Cow

sunglasses - market

my gorgeous mother.

And on Tuesday we went to Skegness.

the sister and I.
pink and white striped tea dress - Primark
over sized navy cardigan with gold buttons - mother wardrobe, vintage
pink and cream straw bag - Primark
white sandals (not shown) - market in India
sunglasses - market
pearl headband - Miss Selfridge
Bow hairband - D.I.Y

the mother, sister and I.
the mother and sister.
the sister. (i lurrrvvve the photo)
the father and view.
the father.
the sister and I.

Yesterday, we were supposedly gonna go see Step Up 3d but it had sold out so we ended up watching Toy Story 3d with my cousin. I LOVED IT! It was soooo funny, cute and definitely worth the wait of several years. It made me think about how much imagination and time must have went into making such an inventive film. I still wanna go see step up but I'm very glad to have gone to see toy story instead. We also brought a meal deal from boots (Mexican bean wrap, yum!) and layed outside in the sun in town!

Tomorrow I'm going over to a friend's house to catch up before college starts on the 13th :(

Hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend and hope everything is gravy!

'till next time, xoxo