Friday, 22 October 2010

The other day me and my beautiful friend took crazy photos and drank lots of herbal tea.

red jumper - vintage
black jeans - Primark
back croptop - New Look

As you can see we love bunny rabbit ears, top hats, Ron Weasley, Chuck Bass, love hearts and generally posing. WE ARE ALSO ON A BB HYPE. Well actually I am. I only just got my lovely white Blackberry Curve on Monday for my 18th next week (EXCITED MUCH? no not really) and I am in lurrrvveee! It's so amazing and soooo addictive. I recommend that you all get one (but I assume you've all already got one, as I'm a bit late on the BB tinggg)!

Also, I was in today's Nottingham Post for my awesome street-style! I'll bang up a photo in a bit, it looks quite unusual and not very fashionable to be honest. Ah least I got my face in the local paper for the 3rd time! Famous much! Soooo yeeeeah, hopefully I'll get scouted soon to be a model(not!)

'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The other day I had an epiphany (lets say a thought, like those you get when your on the toilet, you know, a one off random thought that makes you think about the previous thought even more, no? Okay. I guess it's just me). Well, anyway I got one of those and I realised that the real reason why I started a blog, was to express the things that I like. But I've noticed that I'm just trying to write about or post photos of what I think others will like. And I don't want to do that. I mean, there are lots of blogs out there that tell you everything that's on the catwalk this season or what's in and what's not. But I want my blog, well to be about me! Because to be fair there's only one person that I know most about (me!) and If I don't blog about her, the person who I know about most, who else am I going to do it about. There is no use rambling on about trends and clothes and models if I don't like it, don't enough enough about it or is too serious. As then it won't be different to other people's blogs and well that's what I wanna do! Clothes is something I love and blogging is something a want to love, so that I can show others, how fashion doesn't have to be about trends or how much it costs but about how much fun it is. I don't wanna give people what they already know or can find on a better, more professional site. SO, I WANT TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE OUT THAT BLOGGING SHOULD BE ABOUT THE THINGS YOU LOVE AND NOT WHAT'S COOL...SO GO ONE MAKE YOURSELF A BLOG AND GO CRAZZZZYYY (also give me the link to it so I can support it)
So enough of my ramblingsss! Let me tell you what fashion related things I've been up to lately.
Well first of all after the notafahion show event, I went to a festival to celebrate the art of Indian dancing. It lasts for 9 days and I went to 4 out of them (as college and schoolwork gets in the way, boo!)

Hope you all like Indian clothes. When someone says 'Indian clothing' we quickly associate it with lots of colour, sequins, glitter and lots and lots of material, and let me tell you cuties, ya not wrong, it's exacly that! I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed posing for them.

day 1

day 2

day 3
day 4

I was soooo much fun! We danced into the night without any care in the world, looking as beautiful as everrr (well if beautiful=sweaty that is). It's funny how my hair is slowly turning ginger, I can't smile and I look nothing like the rest of my cousins (see last photo).
In my next post I shall show you more photos of the notafashion show event, a lovely day with my good friend and other random shenanigans! Soo keep checking back for more clothes and bad humour!

OH AND I'M GONNA BE IN THE NOTTINGHAM POST FOR MY TRENDY FASHION SENSE (kidding about the last bit. It's because my friend's got work experience at the local newspaper studio and she gets to do a post on street style, so bless the girl she asked me! YAY!)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Last Thursday I went to a event called 'Nota Fashionshow' . I only knew about it from a friend on the day, so unfortunately I could not participate in it. However, enjoy the beautiful photos of those who modelled down a red carpet at The Exchange Arcade in Nottingham.

Most of the models here are based in Nottingham and have styled themselves.

Look out for my next post which will feature an interview with Aja Ireland (the model in the first photo).

'till next time, xoxo

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what i wore wednesday.

My Events Organiser outfit:
cream dress/top - Primark
black stir-up leggings - River Island
black tailored blazer - Dorothy Perkins
black t-bar flats - sister's wardrobe
black birkin style bag - Matalan
Average Wednesday. Double period of history. As exciting as the cold war gets, I actually enjoyed a bit of USA and USSR rivalry after a couple of horrible days at the hospital. Then I had frees which consisted of moaning at Nadine Coyle, Joe McElderry and Kelly Rowland's songs/videos on repeat on Viva in the college's refectory. But it was actually quite fun as we repeatedly sang 'It's T-shirt Timeee' in our best Pauly D voices. It's sad but I really love Jersey Shore. It brightens up my day, haha! For lunch I went to my weekly student exec meeting, where we discussed what theme to have for the snowball this December. Masquerade sound coooool? A la gossip girl and A Cinderella Story, yes please! The day then ended with me making some lovely pasta, watching 90210;s latest episode online (arrrggghhh it's sooo good!) and popping off to the hairdressers with the mother to get her haircut. It looks lavish. Little trim, lots of layers and thinned out, how I always have my hair. Mother's such a copycat, but she just says I'm trendsetter, haha, I wish. But it's okay, the mothers hair is a lot shorter and a rich black colour. When I got back home, the excellent events organiser that I am, I got my Vogue, Elle and Glamour copies out for some inspiration on the ball this xmas (as you can tell from the last photo).
'till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

London Fashion Week 2010 - random bits/OOTD

We saw Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean shooting for Johnny English 2 near Trafalgar Square!

This is the beautiful Zara Martin. But I gotta say I thought she would've been a better presenter. Disappointed.

The sister.

cream silk blouse - Primark
denim skirt - vintage
brown coat - vintage
sheer dotted tights - New Look
white socks - Courtaulds Factory Shop (Nottingham)
black clogs - Primark
gold earrings - mother's wardrobe
brown and black satchel bag - mother's wardrobe
black tote bag - Firetrap

I also got 'papped'/scouted by and a girl took a photo of me for her fashion project. I was thrilled.
Thank you soooooo much The day was amazing. I mean you can't not have fun when you're surrounded by clothes, makeup, freebies, models and martinis, non? It was heaven (minus my poor feet in them clogs)

'till next time, xoxo