Monday, 13 September 2010

Already dossing?

This is my first day back at college after the summer and I'm already not doing anything educational. I am in the library as I've got frees this afternoon and none of my friends share the same frees. So instead of going home I'm reading the psychology review, blogging and drinking some apple juice...ahhhh the life of a average teenager. Actually maybe not as I'm the only one outta my friends that blogs, besides my bestie who blogs about fashion due to her wanting to a fashion journalism course at university. But as for me I'm doing it for no apparent reason but for pure enjoyment, (sad maybe? yes!)

Anyway here's a tiny extract from my enormous wish list for A/W. Enjoy you beauties!

These items are from Topshop. I hardly own anything from TopShop as I believe they are overly priced. Also, you can buy similar items in car boots, Charity shops, eBay etc, for a smaller price tag. However, some of the stuff is very cute and all you have to do is click a button, instead of rummaging for a gorgeous find in a whole lotta dump.

Faux Sheepskin Flying Jacket
Knitted Cable Jumper
Knitted Fluffy Stitch Jumper
Bonded Military Shirt
Short Sleeve Tab Sleeve Shirt
Mesh Floral Neck Blouse

70's Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Paper Bag Trousers
1.I really adore that jacket. Me and my friends have been talking about aviator jackets for months now and I'm still in love with them. I really want one however, I've seen 3 girls in college with it (even though it is out of 1000 students) and also my friends may buy it, and because I hate having the same things as others I won't we buying it (also it's a whopping £78!)
2. Love the warm jumper but my friend has this so it's a no no for me, but it's still ever so cute. Cable knit is sooo pretty.
3. Again a v.cute jumper, less chunky and more feminine :)
4. Shirts are soooo me right now. I am addicted to buying and searching for shirts. This is slightly masculine and tough. I like!
5. This is a more cuter shirt with an even gorgeous collar.
6. This blouse is more summer than a/w, but even though I could layer it with a scarfs and cardis for a causal look.
7. Sooo 70s! I love denim above the waist as it's more country and edgy. I really want this!
8. Lastly are these ever so pretty paper bag trousers. I saw them in Glamour magazine and thought they were from an high end designer shop, but to my surprise they aren't! I REALLY want them. They are the right shape and colour for me. With a slim brown belt too!
I'll show you my most wanted footwear in the next post.
Now, I'm gonna go watch This is England '86 on 4oD. I missed the first episode last week. I'm such a fail. :(
'till next time, xoxo


  1. I love your picks! the blouses are beautiful :)

    I hate my school; I have loads of frees but have blocked people from using Blogger! :(


  2. @Romance Is Boring - I'm in lurrve with blouses! Awwww, Blogger should never be blocked, especially a good one like you! ;) xx


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