Sunday, 12 September 2010

The week after I came back from my lovely bank holiday weekend have been pretty boring :(
All I've done is been to the car-boot twice as to me, it's by far the best place to shop for vintage pieces. I've also helped paint my room and the parents' room. Both the colour magnolia (a lovely cream), but don't worry both rooms look different as one is on top of wallpaper and the other is not. We are also getting new carpets (dark brown in my room) and I've also got a new desk. My room should end up with a brown-ish/cream-ish theme.

I also went to my friends 18th on Monday. We went for a meal and ended up at a quaint little pub.

Birthday girl.

the amazing jukebox.Paige and I.
pink blouse - vintage, black skinny jeans - Primark, denim chambray shirt - vintage, sheep skin gillet - Next, black bag - vintage ,black clogs - Primark

I start college tomorrow. So not looking forward to it, no more lie-ins and do-nothing-time, boo me. :( But I am excited to see my new timetables. I know it sounds sad, but I can't wait to plan my weeks, find out my frees and decide on how to revise (haha, swot or what?). Also, deciding on outfits for the week.
I've decided to take a photo of myself every morning (when I look my best) and then choose the best outfit of the week to show you guys, so keep checking back!
I hope your weekend has been great and the sun's on your side.

'till next time, xoxo


  1. I wish my hair was as long as yours ! :(

    Good Luck with college tomorrow :) I am sure you'll be fine !



  2. - Aww, thanks! Xo


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