Friday, 22 October 2010

The other day me and my beautiful friend took crazy photos and drank lots of herbal tea.

red jumper - vintage
black jeans - Primark
back croptop - New Look

As you can see we love bunny rabbit ears, top hats, Ron Weasley, Chuck Bass, love hearts and generally posing. WE ARE ALSO ON A BB HYPE. Well actually I am. I only just got my lovely white Blackberry Curve on Monday for my 18th next week (EXCITED MUCH? no not really) and I am in lurrrvveee! It's so amazing and soooo addictive. I recommend that you all get one (but I assume you've all already got one, as I'm a bit late on the BB tinggg)!

Also, I was in today's Nottingham Post for my awesome street-style! I'll bang up a photo in a bit, it looks quite unusual and not very fashionable to be honest. Ah least I got my face in the local paper for the 3rd time! Famous much! Soooo yeeeeah, hopefully I'll get scouted soon to be a model(not!)

'till next time, xoxo


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