Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what i wore wednesday.

My Events Organiser outfit:
cream dress/top - Primark
black stir-up leggings - River Island
black tailored blazer - Dorothy Perkins
black t-bar flats - sister's wardrobe
black birkin style bag - Matalan
Average Wednesday. Double period of history. As exciting as the cold war gets, I actually enjoyed a bit of USA and USSR rivalry after a couple of horrible days at the hospital. Then I had frees which consisted of moaning at Nadine Coyle, Joe McElderry and Kelly Rowland's songs/videos on repeat on Viva in the college's refectory. But it was actually quite fun as we repeatedly sang 'It's T-shirt Timeee' in our best Pauly D voices. It's sad but I really love Jersey Shore. It brightens up my day, haha! For lunch I went to my weekly student exec meeting, where we discussed what theme to have for the snowball this December. Masquerade sound coooool? A la gossip girl and A Cinderella Story, yes please! The day then ended with me making some lovely pasta, watching 90210;s latest episode online (arrrggghhh it's sooo good!) and popping off to the hairdressers with the mother to get her haircut. It looks lavish. Little trim, lots of layers and thinned out, how I always have my hair. Mother's such a copycat, but she just says I'm trendsetter, haha, I wish. But it's okay, the mothers hair is a lot shorter and a rich black colour. When I got back home, the excellent events organiser that I am, I got my Vogue, Elle and Glamour copies out for some inspiration on the ball this xmas (as you can tell from the last photo).
'till next time, xoxo


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