Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Primark? Anyday!

So you all must be familiar with Primark's collection for a/w 2010. With lovely shiny, leather-like leggings, oh so cute clocks and of course a Primark specialties their lovely arrange of footwear. It's amazing how much my clothes actually come from Primark. Not only are they mega cheap (so you can buy lots of clothes for the price one item from Topshop) but aren't they all just gorgeous? But have you seen their s/s collection for 2011?

It's all so beautiful I already want all them outfits. Especially the nude knee lengthed skirt and with the the black stain top, that the model above is wearing. The mini-dresses are also fabulous. So light and they clinch at the waist to show of the figure all of us women posses. the footwear again is edgy and very fit for the summer. Open toes and wedges. But what I'm really diggin' is the satchel bags! I really, really want the white, navy blue and white one. It's just what i need to complete my summer outfits! arghhhh, all of this is making me soo excited for SUMMERR! holidays, festivals, endless amounts of ice cream and of course the chance to cute little white socks with clocks and wedges with BARE legs! Can't wait.

So do you all like Primark's new collection for s/s? Or is it too cheap and mainstream for y'all? Prefer Topshop or is Primark, like me perfect for every summer, due to the forever changing fashion trends?

'till next time, xoxo


  1. wow i like it in the look book - but i will never be able to find it in primarni xxxx

  2. those are some lovely sweaters =]


  3. I really like their lookbooks :) I'm a bit of a topshop addict myself but it's too pricey to shop there all the time... I think with shops like that though to avoid the mainstream vibe it all depends on your styling / acessories ;)


  4. Primarks looks are so nice! Never really knew it was THAT nice. But it's always so messy in the shops which is quite annoying. I prefer topshop defo but it can get on the expensive side sometimes.

    hope you'll visit/follow


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