Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow dayss foreverrr

faux fur headband - Primark
cream scarf - broadmarsh shopping centre, Nottingham
over sized jumper - Cow
black leggings - River Island
patterned socks - Primark
military boots - Hypnotic, Nottingham
It's been snowing for a week now and last Thursday my lovely friend Paige took photos of me in my garden for a magazine shoot. I love and miss the snow. We now have to go college and actually do work in stead of drinking tea and watching day time TV. boooo! :(



  1. I love your oversized jumper :o) It looks so warm and cosy!


  2. @nuttypigeon - Awww thanks so do I. And yeah, it is warm and cosy! :) x


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