Tuesday, 13 July 2010

busy, busy, busy: BBQ

So, 2 weeks ago we had a barbecue, as the sun was blasting like mad and England were playing their crucial match to get themselves a place into the semi finals in the World Cup. Sadly, they lost against Germany and we were all gutted. However, we did have a great day in the sun!

Before footie, we got the Wii out and did a spot of 'Just Dance'! It was sooooo much fun :)

This is me and my cousin. Dancing to Womaniser by Britney Spears. I look so serious, ahaha! Oh and I had to change from my hareem pants into some purple shorts, due to the heat :)

This is my other cousin and my sister, dancing to I kissed a girl by Katy Perry! aaaaahhh, the joys of synchronised dancing thanks to 21st century technology.

This my photographer look!

Hollywood T-Shirt - gifted from USA & customised (cut up) by me

Purple Shorts - Uncle's boutique in India

Hair - 'Topknot'

Sweep all hair on top of the head, tie into a high pony with a headband, then wrap hair around into a bun and secure with another hairband. Finally, apply hairspray to the head and then randomly mess the updo slightly.

Makeup -

foundation - Image DV8 (whipped bronzing mousse)

mascara - Rimmel London (the max volume flash)

My dad and the girls all helping with the yummy BBQ!

And, this is my lovely nephew (or my cousin's son). He is 1 and a half and looks soooo adorable. And yes I constructed the lovely hairstyle on him, haha!

Hope you have enjoyed the last couple of weeks! What did you all do? Tell me all about it :)

Right now, I'm increasingly getting even more busy with UCAS application (nerve wrecking but exciting too), my aim to pass my driving test before I'm 18 and lots of volunteering!

BTW, i hate the weather in Notts atm, rain, rain and more rain :( :( :(

'till next time


  1. looks like you guys had a great time playing wii!!


  2. What a cute baby! Awwwwwww.


  3. Cool photos. Makes me want to play some Wii, haha. Good luck with your application and driving test!

    Also, love the name of your blog :)

  4. @Jade "Purple" Brown - Yeah, we did have a good time playing the wii, thanks :)xx

    @Amy - cute but a pain, ahaha xxx

    @soph (owl vs. dove)- Thanks! The wii is just soooo addictive, haha. And thank you! I REALLY love your blog xoxo

  5. love these images :) - your little nephew is adorable!

    Love tour topknot, too.. I can't wait until my hair's long enough to do that!



  6. @Romance Is Boring - Thanks, he is such a cutie! I've been growing my hair for years now it took soooo long, worth it though!

  7. Love ruju's hair love ruju's bbq and her sexy sexy dad!


  8. @collegegirl93 - Thanks Paige! Love you! xoxo


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