Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nottingham Mela.

On Friday, last week I went to a party (see last post), on that Saturday I went to a wedding and last Sunday I went to Nottingham Mela.
Every year Nottingham has a festival in the park, where they showcase live performances by national and international South Asian artists. Bringing together creativity, tolerance and respect. The event provides a unique opportunity to experience and partake in live performances, interactive workshops and something slightly different.
And luckily for me, my sister and cousin, we got to volunteer backstage and see how the Mela takes place behind the scenes and meet the artists. So here's me and my lovely sister showing off our backstage crew passes, oh so cool.
Melange Green Jersey Tank - American Apparel
Grey Acid-Washed Leggings - New Look
Black Military Boots - can't remember the name of the store (closed down)
Pink Cardigan - Mother's Wardrobe
Cream Satchel - Car boot
Gold Chain Necklace - Car boot
Sunglasses - Market
My make-up is always the same, so I'm going to stop listing the products used.

The event was hosted by BBC Asian Network Super DJ's Murtz and Noreen (the woman above standing with us). They were sooo funny especially Murtz, who i didn't get a photo with but he did do an amazing interview for me which i have videoed! :)

This is us with Ash King, a greyology and bollywood singer, who recently sung for Oscar-winning A R Rahman on the soundtrack for Delhi 6 and forthcoming Aisha.

Again us, with my main man and love for life Sham D. A RnB star who has released the singles, I Know and You Make It Alright.
He's really lovely! He told me his life story, gave me his autograph and a beautiful hug.

This is the Canadian superstar Raghav. You may have heard Angel Eyes or So Confused. He's oh so fine and I'm on love. But, due his popularity and mass of fans, I did not get to score a photograph with him :(, I was v.upset! But i did get to enjoy his songs on the front line and dance like mad.
So, today I broke up officially from college for summer!! I'm sooooo excited for the holidays to start! Tomorrow my cousins are coming over to celebrate the first day of summer vacation, so that should be good. But other than that this weekend will be pretty boring. Without a job, no money and no ID, a girl cannot do much but listen to music and eat junk food.
So yeah check back soon for a post on The Twilight Saga - Eclipse that I went to see last Wednesday and the new sewing machine I got.
' till next time, xoxo


  1. love all of your outfits! you guys look cute! love the pictures as well! lovin your blog overall!

  2. girl! you are soooo CUTE!!!!
    and i wish i could sew better!
    rock that sewing machine sista!
    ps- i'm following you now! you should follow me :D

  3. what a busy/fun weekend. you look adorable!!

    stop by sometime<3

  4. @Louela Daniele - Thankyou sooooo much :) xxx

    @christen. - Thankyou :). I don't know how to use the machine yet, but I shall be able to rock it by the end of summer! I'm am now following you ,too xxx

    @Anna Katrina - Aha! Thanks :), I'll go check your blog now! xxxx

  5. Looks like you had a lotta fun! Loving your outfit too, the colours are great.
    Lovely blog


  6. @Chloe - I did have a lotta fun! Thankyou so much! xx


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