Saturday, 24 July 2010

I enjoy these times

Eclipse - The Twilight Saga

I went to see Eclipse last week and I gotta say, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I mean, I REALLY REALLY REALLY LURRRVVEEE the books (I am one of those sad losers who knows the quotes of by heart and believes the characters are real), and I even loved the first movie. But I absolutely hated New Moon. Well, I disliked New Moon the book, out of the rest of the saga so I'm not so surprised, but as for Eclipse, well it's different. The book was AMAZING but as all book-turned-movies, I was heart broken. However, those of you who haven't seen it yet, by all means GO NOW AND SEE IT. My friends all enjoyed it and want to watch it again and again. But for me it did nothing. Actually, the love scenes made me cringe and the action scenes made me laugh. I'm sooooo critical. But I'm going to watch it again and see if maybe it was because I had VERY HIGH expectations of the film. Ahhh...oh well, enjoy my photos pre-movie.

Yes ,this is my wall and yes, I am a twihard, ahaha!

Team Edward?

Team Jacob?

Can't I just have both? (sorry about the weird face expressions)

Sewing Machine
My auntie had decided to get rid of her sewing machine, however I saved the day and gave the poor baby a new home - my bedroom.
I haven't started using it yet, but I know that is what my summer will consist of. I tried using it yesterday with the mother but we nearly ended up breaking it, so I'm waiting for my aunt to pay us a visit to help us. So I'm banging up some photos of it, so if anyone has any advice on how to use it I'll be very thankful :)

Isn't it beautiful?

This is the first official week of my holidays and I've got Work Experience! It's at a school specially designed for children with autism. As it's summer vacation, they hold a playsheme and I am volunteering with the activities. Today was the training session and from tomorrow till Friday I will come home tired and exhausted due to all the running around/activities.

'till next time, xoxo


  1. your blog is so cute! im following back! i have a really old vintage sewing machine from my nan and its really loud when i use it haha!

  2. Good luck with ur placement!! cant wait to see the fun stuff u make w/ the sewing machine.


  3. Ah you're so pretty and I love your hair! Have fun at work exp :) xx

  4. I agree with you on everything you said about eclipse, the romantic bits did make me cringe and i found them boring. But the eclipse book was my favourite out of them all, I'm neither team Jacob or Edward, it is more like team Emmett for me ;)
    Lovely sewing machine!! Hope you had a great time on your work experience, it sounds really worthwhile and fun, meeting new people :) X

    Fashion teapot ♥

  5. I heart your blog!I am now a follower!
    Follow back?


  6. So jealous, I want a sewing machine so bad but unfortunately I don't know anyone willing to give me one which mean...I can't afford it. Painful.

  7. sucha lovely blogg. x.

  8. i've worked with children with autism too (: and i have a sewing machine! i adore your gorgeous hair! <333

  9. Im very jealous of your sewing machine, id love one of my own, but ive no idea how to use them! its something im desperate to learn.
    i love the ombre style hair colour you have, im saving up to get it done but im so useless at saving its taking ages! x

  10. @Melissa - Thanks! Atleat you are using yours, unlike me atm, i'm seriously neglecting it :( xx

    @Lisa - Thanks! Yeah me too, can't wait to make stuff from it! xx

    @kavita@iheartvintagex - Thank you so much! I had lots of fun! :)xx

    @Amy - I'm glad someone agrees with me! Yeah, eclipse was also my fave outta them all. Aha, Team Emmett? Now that's an option a may consider! Thanks! It was great! :) X

    @Braffinator - Thankyou! XOXO

    @Sarah - Haha, thanks! Ouch :( It's's difficult to use anyway (if that's any consolation).

    @Greer - Thanks! x

    @*rachelwears - Did you enjoy it? And yeah! Someone who I can share sewing stories with, haha! Aw, thanks! xxx

    QuiteQuaint - Aha, thanks I guess! I'm desperate to learn too, I still can't use it properly. :( Thankyou, the ombre style has just naturally occured like that over time! I'm sure it'll look great on you, too! x


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