Monday, 12 July 2010

busy, busy, busy: Induction Days

Sorry, for the lack of blogging. I have been very busy for the last two weeks (and I have photo's to prove it).

Week commencing the 28th June, my year at college (year 12s) had a week off. It was mainly for the new year 12's. Induction days it is called, where they see the college 2 months prior to enrolling and have taster classes for their favoured subjects. Our year at this time either participated in work experience of their choice, caught up on some work, lounged around doing nothing or like me went to help the new year feel comfortable at the college. I was a 'Red T-shirt Helper!'

My job as part of the Student Exec at my college I had to help promote NUS Cards and sell them in September, so that part of the profits go to use for the students.
This is part of the Exec team! The Publicity Officer, me the Event Organiser and the Secretary.
These are some of the Red T-shirt Helpers and I, doing our thannnggg!
This is me and the Secretary parading our lovely posters!
What we also did that week was organise our END OF YEAR PARTY! And as event organiser, it was down to me. We designed posters, printed them out and stuck them around college. We also did the same for the tickets but sold them instead of plastering them on walls. We got a lot done and it was a productive week. The sun was shining and we all managed to play a spot of rounders with the new kids. :)
So yeah! My next post will be about a barbecue at family's home and the Summer School I attended for a week!
What have you guys been up to? Anything gooooood?
'till next time

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