Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Landan - Day 2.

The following is what the girls and I did the next day:

got glammed up.
had breakfast (no idea why the lighting came out dark, as it was a VERY sunny/bright day).

took photos of The London Eye, Barclays cycles and The Big Ben whilst waiting in a queue for the cruise.
went on a lovely cruise around central London.
went shopping on the legendary Oxford Street.

floral dress as top - Primark
denim shorts - Primark
plait belt - Primark kids
tan gladiators - New Look
pink cardigan - mother's vintage
black bag - Matalan
scarf on bag - Primark
sunglasses (worn above) - Primark
OMG, soooo did not realise my that my outfit mostly consists of Primani goodies. wow! I'm not sure if I'm impressed or shocked or annoyed. Oh well.

had lunch in a gorgeous park.

I hope your guys' summer is going well. If you live in England like me...I can feel your pain. It's impossible to do anything. I plan to go out, wear summer clothes (as the weather seems nice in the morning) but by midday the sun has gone and showers has hit :(, I hate it.

After the first 2 weeks of my holidays being jam packed with work experience, Wales, Cambridge, London, general outings with the friends, and the third week, busy taking care of my ill-but-now-recovered-mother, last week and this week have been pretty slow and boring. I've been at home most of the days

All I have done is watched films, been on the regular errands now that my sister has just passed her driving test (I'm soooo proud!), been town shopping and carbooting (woooo!), had my two baby teeth pulled out (ouch!), had two family gatherings and had my AS results been given to me.

Here is what I got:

A - Psychology (woooooo!)
B - Philosophy (only a couple marks of an A, so I'm resitting one of the papers)
B - History (only a couple marks of an A again , so I'm also resitting one of the papers)
D - Biology (I have now dropped it, as I'm rubbish at it and it bores the life out of me. It also wasted valuable revising time which I could have used for history and philosophy to get myself the well deserved A's)

'till next time, xoxo


  1. ooh you visited cambridge, i live there :) its great that you were selected! congrats.

    looks like uve been having a great time in london, love the big pen pic!! x

  2. @QuiteQuaint - Oh you live there? It's soooo beautiful! Thankyou! I did have a great time in London!


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