Sunday, 15 August 2010

Land O' Cambridge

Every year The University of Cambridge hosts a Sutton Trust summer school, were college students (aged 16/17) get the opportunity to experience life/lectures at university level. This year out of the 2000ish applicants only 105 were selected to attend and I was one! I chose to go on the Psychology and Sociology course.

grey jumper - Hnm
black linen shorts - Next
gold chain necklace - Car Boot

Tuesday - The day we arrived. After a two and a half hour train journey and 20 mins walk from the station I finally arrived a The University of Cambridge. We were given our keys to our own rooms, a water-bottle, a pack of info (prospectus, timetable of the days, health and safety regulations etc) and a lanyard (id). My room was soooo cute and I had an en suite bathroom! (this is a big deal as my friend didn't, boo). After unpacking was dinner and then we played some games and participated in introductions/icebreakers. This was because most people were from all around the U.K and like me knew no one there.

Wednesday - After waking up at 6.30 (arghh!), we had breakfast and then 4 lectures on Psychology including a lunch in between. In the evening after dinner we went punting, which was lovely as Cambridge is beautiful and the punting lads were even more so!

Thursday - Same sort of day as before but this time the 4 lectures were on Sociology. Then, I was chosen to participate in a focus group were selected students from each course had to give their reviews on the University of Cambridge prospectus. Which meant I was given less time to prepare for the formal dinner and disco in the evening (even though I looked overly dressed compared to the rest of the students anyway), which also gave me zero time to grab my camera for the night/my outfit. The dining hall was decorated beautifully with candles and fine cutlery and there were name plates situated at our reserved seats (yes there was a seating chart, boo!) It was a rather posh dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the disco we all danced like crazy despite being sober and had a great time (highlight of the trip, i think so).

Friday - The last day of summer school. We attend 2 lectures (one on sociology and the other on combined psych and soc), grabbed our lunch, were given a mug and walked with our heavy bags back to the station. I was v.upset that I couldn't say farewell to most of the new friends that I had made (but I think that's why facebook was created, I guess).

University of Cambridge: mug, water-bottle, ballpoint-pen, lanyard, name plate.

I definitely love Cambridge but I'm yet to decide if to apply there next year or not. I guess I'll just have to wait till AS results day which is in 4 days...arghhhh, I'm so nervous, wish me luck guys!

My next post will be on my trip to London and then, Inception (big movie!). So stay tuned, haha!

'till next time, xoxo

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