Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Autism and Cymru

It's true. I have neglected blogging for 2 WHOLE weeks. I would love to say I have been on holiday to somewhere hot, laying on a beach, with a cocktail in hand, sourcing potential husbands. But that would be unfair to you beautiful people.
The ugly truth is that I have been v.busy with educational activities (partly) during my holidays. Mad! I know!
The week before last I had work experience at Rosehill School for Autistic children. They hold a play scheme every year where children aged 7-16, with differing levels of autism come along for some activities for 4 days. I had to shadow/help/play with a little 7 year old girl. She had minimal use of language (as in she could not speak and only make sounds/noises), loved playing with balls/balloons and loved running around. As children with autism are said to be unsocial and have no emotions, it was v.difficult to engage or communicate with her. We went to a park, a farm, did hand-painting, made a photo frame and played on bouncing castle. It was tres fun!

And in return of my 'hard work' I received this lot:

2 certificates.
One from the school itself.
The other I got today in the post with a letter to say they would be delighted if I could help out next year(yeah!), from NORSCA (the organisation in charge of the schemes).
A box of malteases (yum!).
A cheque for my transport expenses (now that is what I call generous)
A lovely card to say thank you (Awwww!)
Inside of my card:

To end the ever so tiring week the 'rents took us to Wales for the weekend. We went on a sort of pilgrimage as I am born into a Hindu family. We saw 3 temples, went to 2 'darshans', had lunch, saw some animals and enjoyed the breathtaking views. My mother does not want me to upload any photos of the temples, deities or much of the surroundings, so here's 3 photos to enjoy.

This is my mother's white cotton blouse from Next and her necklace from Matalan. I had to wear something of my mothers, as all my outfits/clothing were apparently unsuitable for this trip (ouch!).
jeggings - River Island
white boat shoes - Office (Blowfish)
bag - River Island
black cardigan - Matalan

My father, mother and I, with the beautiful greenness!
Me dropping some coins in the donation box, as you do. Oh, and another thing you should all know, my bag is always open (take note potential thieves, not that I own a lot of valuables anyway). I'm always taking stuff out and placing them back in, and I believe zips are a nuisance.

My next post will be on my trip to Cambridge, so keep checking this space!

'till next time, xoxo.

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