Friday, 13 August 2010

date with the girls

The week after my work experience on the Monday I booked a date with my favourite girls. We took a causal stroll in our local town, checked out a couple of stores especially TopShop which has changed it's layout, I mean you have to go to the opposite side of the shop now if you are looking for footwear, oh what havoc a beautiful shop can cause. We had several Kodak moments, had lunch in a lovely Mexican restaurant called Chiquito's (full house burrito is the one) and soaked up some rain (!) in our central park .

The girls and I. BTW, i lurrrvvvveee glossy black coloured doors. I saw them every where in London and luckily I sat down to tie up my laces in front of this beautiful one and so I insisted on a photo to be taken.

This is Paige (from, so check her out) and I.
white long-sleeved tee - Zara
brown skirt - handmade/DIY
opaque tights - Primark
black military boots - unknown
black bag - Matalan
gold chain-necklace - car boot

My yummy virgin colada.

Hope your summer holidays are going great and if you live in England lets pray for some sun. After 2 weeks of being mega busy, I've found time for the family and so I've been cooking up some recipes (don't worry nothing special, just the usual sir fry) and going for several walks. Also I've also been listening way too much of Vampire Weekend, drinking massive amounts of tea and watching this amazing new show online called Pretty Little Liars.

'till next time, xoxo


  1. you have the most amazing sleek hair! :)
    i love vampire weekend too <3 they're gorgeous!

    and yeah, i'm pretty excited about the 3rd LA candy novel...i think's it's supposed to be called 'sugar & spice' or something like that and it's already coming out this october! yay! and about the movie, well they said they were currently casting girls for the major parts - i read that in people magazine!

  2. @Nicole Alexandra ♥ - Thanks for the lovely comment! Can't wait for it all!

  3. Lots of stylish looking girlies!!!
    Rianna xxx


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