Saturday, 24 July 2010

I enjoy these times

Eclipse - The Twilight Saga

I went to see Eclipse last week and I gotta say, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I mean, I REALLY REALLY REALLY LURRRVVEEE the books (I am one of those sad losers who knows the quotes of by heart and believes the characters are real), and I even loved the first movie. But I absolutely hated New Moon. Well, I disliked New Moon the book, out of the rest of the saga so I'm not so surprised, but as for Eclipse, well it's different. The book was AMAZING but as all book-turned-movies, I was heart broken. However, those of you who haven't seen it yet, by all means GO NOW AND SEE IT. My friends all enjoyed it and want to watch it again and again. But for me it did nothing. Actually, the love scenes made me cringe and the action scenes made me laugh. I'm sooooo critical. But I'm going to watch it again and see if maybe it was because I had VERY HIGH expectations of the film. Ahhh...oh well, enjoy my photos pre-movie.

Yes ,this is my wall and yes, I am a twihard, ahaha!

Team Edward?

Team Jacob?

Can't I just have both? (sorry about the weird face expressions)

Sewing Machine
My auntie had decided to get rid of her sewing machine, however I saved the day and gave the poor baby a new home - my bedroom.
I haven't started using it yet, but I know that is what my summer will consist of. I tried using it yesterday with the mother but we nearly ended up breaking it, so I'm waiting for my aunt to pay us a visit to help us. So I'm banging up some photos of it, so if anyone has any advice on how to use it I'll be very thankful :)

Isn't it beautiful?

This is the first official week of my holidays and I've got Work Experience! It's at a school specially designed for children with autism. As it's summer vacation, they hold a playsheme and I am volunteering with the activities. Today was the training session and from tomorrow till Friday I will come home tired and exhausted due to all the running around/activities.

'till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nottingham Mela.

On Friday, last week I went to a party (see last post), on that Saturday I went to a wedding and last Sunday I went to Nottingham Mela.
Every year Nottingham has a festival in the park, where they showcase live performances by national and international South Asian artists. Bringing together creativity, tolerance and respect. The event provides a unique opportunity to experience and partake in live performances, interactive workshops and something slightly different.
And luckily for me, my sister and cousin, we got to volunteer backstage and see how the Mela takes place behind the scenes and meet the artists. So here's me and my lovely sister showing off our backstage crew passes, oh so cool.
Melange Green Jersey Tank - American Apparel
Grey Acid-Washed Leggings - New Look
Black Military Boots - can't remember the name of the store (closed down)
Pink Cardigan - Mother's Wardrobe
Cream Satchel - Car boot
Gold Chain Necklace - Car boot
Sunglasses - Market
My make-up is always the same, so I'm going to stop listing the products used.

The event was hosted by BBC Asian Network Super DJ's Murtz and Noreen (the woman above standing with us). They were sooo funny especially Murtz, who i didn't get a photo with but he did do an amazing interview for me which i have videoed! :)

This is us with Ash King, a greyology and bollywood singer, who recently sung for Oscar-winning A R Rahman on the soundtrack for Delhi 6 and forthcoming Aisha.

Again us, with my main man and love for life Sham D. A RnB star who has released the singles, I Know and You Make It Alright.
He's really lovely! He told me his life story, gave me his autograph and a beautiful hug.

This is the Canadian superstar Raghav. You may have heard Angel Eyes or So Confused. He's oh so fine and I'm on love. But, due his popularity and mass of fans, I did not get to score a photograph with him :(, I was v.upset! But i did get to enjoy his songs on the front line and dance like mad.
So, today I broke up officially from college for summer!! I'm sooooo excited for the holidays to start! Tomorrow my cousins are coming over to celebrate the first day of summer vacation, so that should be good. But other than that this weekend will be pretty boring. Without a job, no money and no ID, a girl cannot do much but listen to music and eat junk food.
So yeah check back soon for a post on The Twilight Saga - Eclipse that I went to see last Wednesday and the new sewing machine I got.
' till next time, xoxo

Monday, 19 July 2010

End Of Year Party.

Last weekend was jam packed and full of fun times!

As event Organiser on the Student Executive for my college, I planned a 'End of Year Party' for fellow students. It was a good night and here are some photos. Enjoy!

Foundation - Image DV8, Whipped Bronzing Mousse
Mascara - MaxFactor, Fake Lash Effect
Eyeliner - Barry M, Duo Kohl Pencil
Lipstick - No.17, Lasting Fix (honey waffle)

Vest Top - Primark
Skirt - Can't remember :(
Tights - Primark
Heels - Matalan
Bracelet - Carboot
Heart/Peace Hoop Earrings - New Look

The girls look beautiful! I love the sash that I have around me, I feel like a pageant winner, haha!

J'adore my friends' black skort, it has frills on it similar to dresses that women wore in the 1920s.

This girl is in London at the moment. I talk or see her at least once a day, so it's weird not hearing her loud voice and big hair.

There is more of my weekend to come, so keep checking back to my blog.
till next time, xoxo

Thursday, 15 July 2010

busy, busy, busy: AEP Summer School

TEAM 8 IS GREAT! GREAT IS TEAM 8. I love this photo of us and I miss our embarrassing team dance! (i'm at the back, i have no body, hehe)

2 weeks ago from Sunday to Friday, I attended a summer school at the University of Nottingham. And it was AMAZING!

It consisted of academic group sessions (posh word for lectures), team challenges and evening activities.

Sunday: My family dropped me off and we all had lunch. Then we met our tutor group (team 8), had a campus tour and met our academic strand group (goooo social sciences). After dinner (which always turned out to be terrible), we did some drumming. I loved it and surprisingly i was really good at it!
Monday: We had 2 lectures on The Law Of Murder and the other on Is It Rape? (which was really good, learnt lots of new stuff) After lunch I chose to do arts. I participated in a 'Freshers' Show, it was great, I was called Doris and was a mature student with a vintage dress sense. Then we did e-Mentoring challenges where lots of teams got together and participated in games/challenges. We were called 'The angels of the ninth' (as we were team 9) it was fun, even though we didn't win.

Tuesday: After breakfast we had lectures called The Meaning Of Freedom and Immigration. Then, was careers afternoon and we got into tutor groups and our task was to create a commercial to advertise Gok's new beauty show (I was sooo glad to have this brief, as others had to do it on healthy eating and what not) to the half of the groups and the ambassadors would choose two (ours was one) to perform to the rest of the groups. All four groups showed their commercials and everyone in the audience had to vote and our groups WON! Then after dinner was International Night and I chose to go to Japanese. The woman was really cute. She told me my name is supposedly lipstick in French, haha?!?!

Wednesday: My Social Sciences group went to lectures called Democracy & Multiculturalism and The International Politics Of Race. Then after lunch we went to sessions such as Finance and Budgeting, Personal Statements and What I Wish I'd Known... All besides personal statements was a bore. To end the day, was Quiz Night at a lovely bar called Mooch. We were split into teams, were each person in the team had knowledge of a certain subject. (me being a genius at social science ;). We thought we had performed real bad out of the other groups but in fact we came 5Th! It was a shock to our systems.
Thursday: Our last academic sessions consisted of An introduction to: Cultural & Historical (walk around the campus) Geography and Geographical Information Science (bare use of google maps). There after was Project work and I chose to participate in Vodcasts. We had to create a video in groups to show why one may want to consider applying to University of Nottingham. I sound like a nerd in my part, oh dear! Then we had our final dinner together. It was called a Celebration Dinner and everyone got all dressed up, we had VIP's arrive (lectures', sponsors, organisers, etc) and had food served to us! Twas glamorous. After, awards (our tutor group all got £5 book vouchers each for winning the commercial challenge and I got one for my fabulous drumming skills), there was a disco!
Looking glamorous (not including my hair)
Black Dress - Primark
Gold Heels - Matalan
Diamond earrings: New Look
At the Celebration dinner. Poor food, no cheesecake :(
foundation - Image DV8, Whipped Bronsing Mousse
Eyeliner -Barry M, Duo Khol Pencil
Mascara -MaxFactor, False Lash Effect
Blusher -Natural Collection (doen't mention the shade)
Lipstick - No. 17, Lasting Fix (honey waffle)
Classic head tilt pose.
Haha! I love this photo. I never know where to place my hand in photos. And Selina looks freaky!
I like this photo :). haha, in the background!

and finally a photo of the girlies. A shot of all our pretty outfits :)

Friday: I said farewell to my room and to the lovely people that I had got to know sooo much in the few days we'd spent together.

I went to see Eclipse last Wednesday, shall tell you more in my next post :)

'till next time, xoxo

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

busy, busy, busy: BBQ

So, 2 weeks ago we had a barbecue, as the sun was blasting like mad and England were playing their crucial match to get themselves a place into the semi finals in the World Cup. Sadly, they lost against Germany and we were all gutted. However, we did have a great day in the sun!

Before footie, we got the Wii out and did a spot of 'Just Dance'! It was sooooo much fun :)

This is me and my cousin. Dancing to Womaniser by Britney Spears. I look so serious, ahaha! Oh and I had to change from my hareem pants into some purple shorts, due to the heat :)

This is my other cousin and my sister, dancing to I kissed a girl by Katy Perry! aaaaahhh, the joys of synchronised dancing thanks to 21st century technology.

This my photographer look!

Hollywood T-Shirt - gifted from USA & customised (cut up) by me

Purple Shorts - Uncle's boutique in India

Hair - 'Topknot'

Sweep all hair on top of the head, tie into a high pony with a headband, then wrap hair around into a bun and secure with another hairband. Finally, apply hairspray to the head and then randomly mess the updo slightly.

Makeup -

foundation - Image DV8 (whipped bronzing mousse)

mascara - Rimmel London (the max volume flash)

My dad and the girls all helping with the yummy BBQ!

And, this is my lovely nephew (or my cousin's son). He is 1 and a half and looks soooo adorable. And yes I constructed the lovely hairstyle on him, haha!

Hope you have enjoyed the last couple of weeks! What did you all do? Tell me all about it :)

Right now, I'm increasingly getting even more busy with UCAS application (nerve wrecking but exciting too), my aim to pass my driving test before I'm 18 and lots of volunteering!

BTW, i hate the weather in Notts atm, rain, rain and more rain :( :( :(

'till next time

Monday, 12 July 2010

busy, busy, busy: Induction Days

Sorry, for the lack of blogging. I have been very busy for the last two weeks (and I have photo's to prove it).

Week commencing the 28th June, my year at college (year 12s) had a week off. It was mainly for the new year 12's. Induction days it is called, where they see the college 2 months prior to enrolling and have taster classes for their favoured subjects. Our year at this time either participated in work experience of their choice, caught up on some work, lounged around doing nothing or like me went to help the new year feel comfortable at the college. I was a 'Red T-shirt Helper!'

My job as part of the Student Exec at my college I had to help promote NUS Cards and sell them in September, so that part of the profits go to use for the students.
This is part of the Exec team! The Publicity Officer, me the Event Organiser and the Secretary.
These are some of the Red T-shirt Helpers and I, doing our thannnggg!
This is me and the Secretary parading our lovely posters!
What we also did that week was organise our END OF YEAR PARTY! And as event organiser, it was down to me. We designed posters, printed them out and stuck them around college. We also did the same for the tickets but sold them instead of plastering them on walls. We got a lot done and it was a productive week. The sun was shining and we all managed to play a spot of rounders with the new kids. :)
So yeah! My next post will be about a barbecue at family's home and the Summer School I attended for a week!
What have you guys been up to? Anything gooooood?
'till next time